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Astrologer Natasa Karalic Koprivica - Contact Information

If you are interested in consultations, a rectification of a horoscope, a course attending or you have some other questions for the astrologer Natasa Karalic Koprivica, you can contact her via e-mail message.

You can send your message on the following e-mail addresses:    or



Belgrade, XVI century


It is useful to write your e-mail address in your message and if you expect the answer you should send her your mobile phone number. If there is a problem referring to the Internet operation, e-mail service or a computer usage, Natasa will contact you. She will answer your e-mail messages on the same day or the following day. If you donít get the answer within three days, it is almost certain that there is a problem, so it is necessary to send your message again to the e-mail addresses mentioned above.

Since the numerous different commercial messages and other unwanted electronic mails are increased every day, many people use special programs (spam filters) that delete this kind of unwanted e-mail messages or store them in special "Spam" or "Junk" folders. In that sense, it is useful that the subject in your mail contains words or phrases such as "astrology", "horoscope", "school", "course", "question", etc... in order that a spam filter doesnít delete your message. It is also possible, although it rarely happens, that the spam filter used by your internet or e-mail provider wrongly recognizes the messages, you get from the addresses previously mentioned, as spams. If you use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! or similar e-mail services, donít forget to check the "Spam" or "Junk" folder and to denote the messages, received from the addresses mentioned above, as "Not spam" in order to receive them in the "Inbox" folder in the future.



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