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Natasa Karalic Koprivica was born in 1972. She attended a secondary school of philology and studied at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. She lives and works in Belgrade.

She has been studying astrology since 1986. She has been studying work of the most distinguished representatives of modern (popular) astrology for years: Alan Leo, Charles Carter, Michael Baigent, Liz Green, Reinhold Ebertin, Mile Dupor, Nick Campion and others. At the beginning of her studying and practising of astrology, she was satisfied neither with the gained results in analyses and predictions nor with the fact that astrology could not give the answers to many important questions. A contact with a superb astrological book titled "A History of Western Astrology" (The Boydell Press, 1987) by Jim Tester was a turning-point in her future astrology studying. Jim Tester was a lecturer at the Department of Classics at the University of Bristol. In this superb book, many years later, she found clear and logical answers to numerous questions. When and where did astrology originate? How does it really function? Why do some zodiac signs have two rulers and some share one common ruler? These questions are only some of the numerous questions which anyone, who studied astrology slightly more seriously, can not answer. "A History of Western Astrology" and other books, on which this book was directed to in an unambiguous way, pointed that modern (popular) astrology was actually a distorted representation of astrology, which originally had existed to the half of the nineteenth century. It was some kind of combination of old astrological rules and rows, in the history and tradition of astrology, superficial lies. In the light of cognition, after many years, Natasa Karalic Koprivica forever rejected popular astrology and orientated herself to the theoretical studying and the practical use of the so-called traditional (classical) astrology. When she met original astrology, the so-called traditional astrology, through the works of a great Hellenic thinker Claudius Ptolemy, the distinguished astrologers Manilius, Dorotheus of Sidon, Al-Khayyat, Al-Biruni,  Masha'Allah, Ibn 'Arabi, Bonatti, William Lilly, Nicholas Culpeper and other great men of astrology, as well as the most significant alive astrological thinker John Frawley, it was a real turning-point and a huge progress referring to the total understanding of astrology and general astrological education, as well as referring to the practical results she began to get in her work with clients.




In June 2002 Natasa publicized the old Web site which was, at that moment, one of the rare sites on the whole Internet completely dedicated to traditional astrology. This site was visited by many astrology lovers from the whole world. Since February 2004, as an editor of a subforum for traditional astrology on the Astro-Art forum, the most popular astrological portal and forum in ex-Yugoslavia, she has published many texts, explanations, examples from professional work and answers to the horary questions of numerous visitors. She has published the authorial texts in the popular astrological magazine "Astrologos" as well. Her texts were published all over the Internet. Her name, as an author, was sometimes announced and sometimes not. She is one of the establishers and a member of the Administrative Board of Association of Balkan Astrologers.

Natasa Karalic Koprivica, specialized for natal astrology and rectification of horoscopes, developed a particular and recognizable astrological style by studying the skills of natal, horary, electional and mundane astrology. She studied these skills for many years. She has very rich astrological experience referring to natal and horary astrology based on daily work with numerous clients, among whom are celebrities from the world of politics, art, science and sport. Since 2004 she has been organizing the Internet School of traditional astrology. Within the framework of this school she gives instructions to those interested in more serious astrological work. She also trains them for independent astrological work.



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